Food for thought

Food for thought is about the words that we use in our everyday life, and what message they actually send to our brain as a command on how to act or feel.


Creates no change to any situation, in fact it leaves us feeling angry, frustrated and upset.

When we blame someone or something, the information that the brain receives is that “I can’t do anything, I am helpless” the other person/thing is in charge of me, my life, and this is what makes us feel angry, frustrated and upset.

We have learnt to look outside of ourselves for the reason or solution, when the solution is within us. We just have to look or ask ourselves “what can I change here”.

When we look outside we want the other person to change, and most likely they want you to change, so nothing is going to change or be resolved.

In this situation the tissue of the body stores the unresolved emotions of anger, frustration and upset, which it will do willingly as we have told it to do, many times before.

Over time the layers of the tissue become tired and weak, so the body will recruit another layer to help hold the emotion hidden from us, until eventually we will notice that this area in our body is sore, uncomfortable or not just right, and then sadly we will most likely take something to numb the area and emotions.

What would it be like if we asked ourselves “What is my part in this, what can I change, do, say or think, that would change this situation in just the smallest way”.

When we look to ourselves for the change, we empower ourselves to take charge of our lives and create the change that we want.

When we change even the smallest part, we have started the change of the whole.