Achieving balance

“It has always intrigued me as to how we come to the point of what is going on. It is ALL about CHOICES.

To be made aware of Choices that I have made and not being made to feel guilty, or bad to have made them.

It is now my Choice as to whether I want to do something about it”

—Anonymous client

The mind and body balance sessions are conducted in two parts: verbal consultation around any physical or emotional concerns followed by a gentle hands on balance, where Anne’s hands are guided by your body and its needs. 

Anne will lead you back to whom you really are, rather than whom you have learnt to be—emotionally, physically and mentally, through both understanding of yourself and body work.

Anne’s gentle touch can help to relieve chronic pain and release held tissue, brought upon by years of built up emotion or trauma. This in turn releases the energy that it has taken to hold on to the emotion or trauma. Paired alongside the verbal component of the session, you can learn to reframe your mind and become more present and positive—living in the now.