About Anne

Understanding your mind and its belief systems gives you the freedom to either stay the same or change and create the life you sense you should be living.

—Anne Gaskin

How Anne’s mind & body balance works

Anne will lead you back to whom you really are, rather than whom you have learnt to be—emotionally, physically and mentally, through both understanding of yourself and body work.

“For my part in the body work, I don’t send or give energy. What is felt in the body is the bodies own natural ability to unwind and release held tissue.”

This in turn releases the energy that it has taken to hold on to the emotion or trauma, allowing the body to be used as it was originally designed to be.

The tissue is released from the time of the event to be integrated back into the body, by the body,  as it is designed to be. In a session, following a discussion of the things that are affecting the person, the areas that are affected by this seem to be more highlighted. My touch is guided by the body as it shows the way in which it wants to be unwound.

It was the creator of the restriction, and only it knows how to unwind itself again.